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How to Find Us

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G&C Motorcycles is situated at Laurels Farm on The Longton Bypass. This is the main A59 dual carriageway between Penwortham and the village of Much Hoole.

From Preston -
  • Head out of Penwortham southbound on the A59.
  • Follow the A59 easy left at the first large roundabout and onto the dual carriageway for 1.5 miles.
  • As you approach the large green directions roundabout - slow down!
  • G&C Motorcycles is approximately 50 metres on your left after the sign.
  • If you miss the turning go all the way around the roundabout and see the instructions below.
Heading to GC Motorcycles from Preston
GC Motorcycles Entrance

From Liverpool/Southport
  • Head towards Preston northbound on the A59.
  • At the Much Hoole roundabout the A59 becomes dual carriageway for 1 mile then reaches another roundabout.
  • Follow the A59, be sure when you come off the roundabout to be in the right hand lane of the dual carriageway.
  • Approximately 50 metres after the roundabout there is a small gap in the central reservation on the right.
  • Turn right into G&C Motorcycles.
  • If you miss the turning continue for 2 miles, go all the way around the roundabout and follow the instructions above.
Heading to GC Motorcycles from Liverpool
GC Motorcycles Entrance

By not having an expensive and costly showroom we can keep our overheads down, and therefore our prices down. If you are looking for a flashy impressive shop, look elsewhere. If you are looking for great motorcycles at great prices with great service, then you will come to the right place.